Author Topic: How to Introduce Your Network Marketing Opportunity  (Read 709 times)


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How to Introduce Your Network Marketing Opportunity
« on: April 29, 2017, 04:40:13 PM »
Very often this may be the point where you make or break the deal of your network marketing opportunity. If you’ve been frustrated not being able to be successful at this, don’t sweat it. Practice makes perfect and if you can master the following tips then you’ll be on your way to becoming a truly successful network marketer.

#01 Share Your Personal Story
In any network marketing opportunity, remember that people join ‘you’ first and your business second. You are the most powerful marketing tool for your business. People want to be able to duplicate the success of a genuine leader. Hence, introduce and project yourself as one. Be sincere and share your personal story as to why you’re in this business and what it is doing for you. Allow yourself to connect with your prospects and project yourself as someone who is truly passionate about helping others achieve their network marketing success.

#02 Keep It Simple
The biggest mistake a lot of network marketers make is telling too much about their network marketing opportunity. Don’t get desperate and just keep it simple. People don’t like to feel like their being ‘sold’ to something. So, take baby steps and set a comfortable and lighthearted conversation. Tell them just enough to keep them intrigued. In return your prospect would be the one asking you more about your business opportunity.

#03 Ask Questions About Your Prospect
People want to feel important. Hence create conversations by asking things about them. Get to know them on a personal level. Ask them what kind of success they are looking and willing to achieve. This way, your prospect will feel that you care about them and you actually want to get to know and help them.

#04 Introduce Your Team
Remember that in the network marketing business, team work makes dream work. Introduce your prospect to your team leaders or members. This will let them see that there’s a real team behind this business and people are actually creating success from your network marketing business.

#05 Follow Up
Always follow up with your prospects. Again ask questions. Ask them how they’ve been doing and what they thought about your business opportunity. If your prospect do not join you on your first follow up, it’s fine. Keep in touch with them nevertheless. You’d be surprise that after a duration of timeFree Articles, they might just be contacting you again.