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I need help with my phone! / Re: internal storage running out ?
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:03:37 AM »
If you want to release some space on your mobile phone, you may need to delete some unused apps and cookies. For example, I always need to clear cache on iPhone. Otherwise my iPhone storage will be filled up with unwanted files and junk data. I want to be interrupted by a warning window which says I have no enough space to save my photos. Therefore, I learn lost of methods about how to clear app cache on iPhone on the Internet.

Thanks for sharing!
Although I can use some cloud drives as free iphone file transfer software to transfer photos, I still need other data transfer tool to help me transfer my Samsung J7 pictures to iPhone if I have a tons of photos waiting for transferring. I believe those transfer tools will make me transfer data from samsung to iphone in an easy way.

What about backing your data up before your start to reset your phone and then using the new created backup to recovery your data?

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