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Tablets (All Models) / Re: Favorite Tablet
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 03:47:44 PM »
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 is my favorite Android tablet right now.
This new tablet has come with the best andriod slate and has powerful processor with an excellent display that shows HDR content. Something even IPad can't do.
Samsung Galaxy / Re: Burn in
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 03:14:19 PM »
I think you are using your cell phone more than it can handle. You can always optimize your storage, battery usage. Try to use while keeping the low screen light if its not hurting your eyes and play games before it get heated.
Samsung Galaxy / Re: Do you hide the navigation bar or show it?
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 03:11:58 PM »
Hidden. I don't want to see any navigation bar or notification bar unless its some kind of emergency notification. so I have muted almost all kind of notifications and hide my navigation bar.
Samsung Galaxy / Re: S-Pen in the Note 9
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 03:08:38 PM »
The Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen stylus is already pretty good, offering tons of features such as 4,096 pressure levels, Live Messages, Screen Off memo, waterproofing, and others. You might think that there is limited scope for improving the stylus’s functionality, but Samsung already has a few interesting ideas for the Galaxy Note 9‘s S Pen stylus.
No there is no such things. I often charge my phone with usb charging while in office and so far, my phone is working fine. I used to charge my xperia and samsung. So don't worry.
When nothing works, try uninstall, re-install .
May be your twitter app need an update and that's why its behaving like that.
Samsung Galaxy / Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 problems!!!
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 02:49:43 PM »
Why don't you take to shop and ask them to replace it with a new piece. You still have 14 day grace period. Ask them to replace not for repair.
Samsung Galaxy / Re: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone?
« Last post by c4cyber on Today at 02:45:23 PM »
Once you delete any photo or videos from your Galaxy by mistake and don't want any picture to override those, don't take any new photo, videos or transfer new documents to it, because these will overwrite the old one.
Click 'andriod data recovery'
and then connect your samsung galaxy phone to computer via usb cable.
You can try the following method to fix Micro SD Card Problems and Issues in Samsung Galaxy S8
I didn't know that you can copy your data from iphone to any other phone. Thank you xqe2019. Your post comes in time. Would be  sharing this information with my brother . He need to transfer his data from iphone to samsung he bought recently.
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