Author Topic: I am not recieving call alerts while i am on a call - solved  (Read 219 times)


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Hello folks,

This issue has become very common. Most of new smartphones that are launched have disabled call waiting option. Becuase of which you don't recieve call alers while you are on other call.

What i mean is you could be the one facing problem that when you are speaking with someone on call and somebody else tries to call you he recieves notification that you are busy in another call but you don't get any alert that someone has been trying to call you. This problem can not be solved.

It is really easy, what you need to do is to go to the call logs ( where missed calls and other call details are available ) then go to the call options ( this should be available at the top right ) then goto the settings and then search call settings  find call waiting option and enable it. If it isn't there then there must be another option saying " more settings " visit it and enable call waiting. you are done! now you'll be receiveing calls while you are on another  call.