IPad Mini or Nexus 7?

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IPad Mini or Nexus 7?
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:29:47 PM »
Nexus 7

Here are the specs..

IPad Mini
CPU: A5 dual core (old outdated CPU)
GeekBench Score: 755 (based on IPad 2 with the same specs) (HOW FAST IS IT)
Ram: 512mb (notice apple did not mention RAM memory)
Storage: 16gb
Resolution: 1024x768 (how many pixels accros and down the screen)
PPI: 162 (Pixels Per Inch)
Cameras: HD FaceTime (only 720p)
5mp Rear
Price: $329 (16gb)

The Nexus 7 for $199/$249 (8gb/16gb) and my bet is that by the end of October, the price will drop to $149/$199/$249 (8gb/16gb/32gb).
The Kindle HD 7 is already $199 for 16gb.

Nexus 7

CPU: NVidia Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.3ghz
GeekBench Score: 1577 (HOW FAST IS IT)
Ram: 1024mb (1gb)
Storage: 8gb/16gb /32gb(comming shortly)
Resolution: 1280x800 (how many pixels accros and down the screen)
PPI: 216 (Pixels Per Inch)
Cameras: 1.2mp (1280p)
Price: $199/$249 (8/gb/16gb) -> ($149/$199) Very shortly (32gb will be $249)

Amazon Kindle Fire 7
CPU: OMAP 4460 Dual Core 1.2ghz
GeekBench Score: 1052 (HOW FAST IS IT)
Ram: 1024mb (1gb)
Storage: 16gb/32gb
PPI: 216 (Pixels Per Inch)
Cameras: HD Camera (only 720p)
Price: $199/$249 (16/gb/32gb)

So for $199 on Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD7 you get (double the speed for Nexus 7, 1.5 times the speed for Kindle Fire HD 7), double the RAM memory on both, NFC (Near Field Communication) on Nexus 7. Nearly as many apps on Nexus 7 (Android Market has been catching up and will eventually have more apps, it already has more FREE apps). All for $130 less.

A new Nexus 10 is coming out with better specs than the IPad 4 by October 28-29, 2012. The leaked specs are as follows...
CPU: dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos 5250
GeekBench Score: ???
Ram: 2048mb (2gb) (2x the memory)
Storage: 16gb+
Resolution: 2,560 x 1,600 (BETTER THAN IPAD 4 how many pixels accross and down the screen)
PPI: 216 (Pixels Per Inch)
NFC: YES (Not on IPADs)
Cameras: 1.2mp (1280p)???
5MP Rear Camera (Same as IPAD 4)
Price: ????

Besides, I would not recommend paying more than $250 on a smaller tablet or $350 on a 10 inch tablet since we are in a middle of a Tablet wars, Tons of companies are coming out with better ones to compete. The only nice thing about the Ipad Mini is the 5mp Rear Camera, but that is not worth more than $30-$50 more (if it had the same specs as the Nexus 7 but it doesn't) . Even the Ipad Mini may have issues since it is crammed in a smaller case. Google is also coming out with a 10 Inch tablet probably early 2013. I will bet that it will be stiff competition for the IPad 4 with a much better price point.