PS Vita or Google Nexus 7?

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PS Vita or Google Nexus 7?
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:33:34 PM »
The Nexus 7 is a better all around device. If you don't already have a tablet i would definitely get the nexus 7 over the vita. When it comes to features, there's just no comparison between the two. Android is an open platform and the apps you have access to through google play will grant the nexus 7 functionality that just isn't possible yet on the vita. The nexus is also capable of playing some pretty good looking games as well although not as good as the vita.

If you're looking for a dedicated gaming handheld, then you cant go wrong with the vita. Physical controls will always be better than touch screens for serious games, and the raw power in the vita cant be matched. Its got the best cpu/gpu combo out of any portable device on the market and its games reflect that.

The nexus is the better all around device and if i had to chose, I'd go with the nexus. The vita is great at games, but it's a one trick pony. With the nexus you get a game machine, notebook, browser, multimedia device and so much more. The vita may have raw power, but the nexus has the better screen, almost twice the battery life of the vita, and to top it all off, the Nexus' starting price is $50 less than the vita's.

Although I do not own a Nexus7 I do own a Vita and a Transformer Prime which is an android tablet with similar specs. I love my Vita, but when i leave the house i find that its my tablet i put in my bag to take with me while i only use my vita a few times a week.