Everything About Nexus One

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Everything About Nexus One
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Part of the Android open source operating system, the Nexus One smartphone has many features that will dazzle and amaze.

Featuring the ability to transcribe voice recordings to text messages, this phone is excellent for the quick communicator. Imagine speaking into your phone and having this intelligent device capture your speech into words immediately. This phone has noise canceling dual microphones for people who love music and hate noise pollution, and has a turn-by-turn voice operated GPS that is an excellent aid for drivers.

Including a removable 1400 mAh battery, it offers up to 290 hours of standby life, ten hours of talk time, and five hours of additional browsing. With its 512 MB of flash memory and microSDHC slot capable of holding up to 4 GB, as well as its 512 MB memory, it is excellent for you if you have a lot of photos, data, or music files that you want to save and upload onto the phone. The Media Gallery, created by Cooliris, allows users to browse, share, and edit videos on the Nexus One.

With its clear, crisp 800 X 400 pixel display and 100,000: 1 contrast ratio rate, it offers high quality images. Its 1 millisecond response rate makes it ideal for browsing on the Internet, surfing through music files, downloading games, or making quick calls on the multi-touch capacitive touch screen. The Nexus One is equipped with a user friendly trackball that has the ability to change colors depending upon the various notifications that the phone might be receiving. A stereo headset jack is included, as well as a headset that includes controls that allow you to play back, pause, resume, or go to the next song. With its ambient light sensors, the Nexus One is a visually aesthetic and easy to use device.

It is easy to converse with easy and pleasure with the Nexus One, as a voice processor created by a company called Audience utilizes a secondary microphone to stifle all surrounding noises and disturbances, thereby allowing for a peaceful, clear, and pleasing phone conversation, free from distractions.

If you love taking pictures, the 5 mega pixel camera with video capabilities will be a much loved feature of the Nexus One. Equipped with Geotagging, LED flash, and auto focus, the phone takes care of your photography needs with high-tech features and the latest advancements in digital photography technology. Connecting to the Internet is easy with the Nexus One as it has Wi-Fi and connects to the Android Market with a Google Android 2.1 operating system. This operating system allows for users to choose Live Wallpapers, that are animated kinds of backgrounds which respond to user input and activities.

Also, instead of the traditional and previously used Application Drawer, applications on the phone can be accessed with the press of a single button, thereby reducing the clutter on the phone. A list then appears and the user can scroll up and down the list while the applications transform into a 3D cube, and once the bottom of the list is reached, the screen jiggles and bounces away. It includes Bluetooth, as well as a Micro- USB and weights about 4.6 ounces total.

From Google, the Nexus One was initially released on January 5, 2010 and is offered through T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. By March 16, 2010, two versions of Nexus One emergedFree Web Content, both covering GSM and 3G providers.