Windows Phone 8 - Tips & Tricks

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Windows Phone 8 - Tips & Tricks
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:38:09 PM »
Just joined the WP family and since there wasn’t a Tips&Tricks topic and having WP8 so many little details that really help our everyday, I decided to start this topic. Hope to learn a lot more to post here and also have the contribution of all DM members that also have joined WP.

Se here we go!

Easily change the phone to ring+vibrate to vibrate only and vice-versa

Volume => touch on top right

It also works while locked, just press unlock and without swyping, make the same procedure as above.

Take a screenshot

Unlock + Windows button

Browse contacts on a more faster way

While accessing your contacts, you have the letter for where each of your contact is started. Touch the letter to jump to another letter so you get fast positioned on the contact you are searching.

Use the Magnifier

By turning on the Magnifier on the settings (under "ease of access") you can double tap with 2 fingers and you will zoom in in any part of the WP OS. Double tap again with 2 fingers to return to normal view. Double tap with 2 fingers and hold to swype to control the zoom level.

Editing your text

Not always autocorrect makes the trick. For placing you on the right spot you want, touch and hold to bring up a cursor that will allow you to easily place you on the right place.

To avoid alternating always between the text keyboard and the numbers/symbol keyboard you can:

- Long press “.” for pick alternative punctuation mark.

- Press and hold the &123 and then drag to select a number or symbol. By releasing it, you return automatically to previous keyboard saving you some extra clicks.

By pressing and holding on the number/symbol keyboard, you can access special characters.

When you type a word that it isn’t on default dictionary, you have a +word option to add it so it will be recognized on future occasions.

Organizing groups

On the opposite of contacts, you can define the sort of contacts inside the groups by just touch+hold and move just like it was a tile

Translate and scan QR code without extra apps

Press the search hardware button and then click on the eye symbol to read automatically QR codes or select “scan text” to translate anything.

Quick Bing Search

While on IE10 (and if you have Bing as Search Engine by default on it), when you highlight something, you can quick search on Bing by just hitting the Search Hardware Button as it will make an immediate search on the selected text.

Quick Close IE10 and avoid the re-load of last webpage visited

Many don’t care on leaving apps open, some do. This is one is quite basic but if you want to close IE fast and avoid it to load the last webpage you visited next time you open it, before leaving IE, go to Tabs and close the ones you have open. Then, the back button will return to your homescreen and next time you will open a blank webpage. You can make this even faster if you customize the left button from the address bar to Tabs, instead of the default stop/refresh.


Rotate your phone to switch between simple and scientific calculator. Rotating left and right bring different scientific calculator options.

So it's all for now but I will be back if I find new things. Does anyone know other tricks for WP8?



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Re: Windows Phone 8 - Tips & Tricks
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 04:55:24 AM »
Does windows phones have the applications like ((viber and whatsapp and line and wechat))?