Ultra Smooth Slider Motorola Z3 Red

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Ultra Smooth Slider Motorola Z3 Red
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Motorola Z3 Red will delight you with the clean look. Motorola Z3 Red features an ultra smooth. Motorola Z3 Red has 115 g weight. Motorola Z3 Red display type is TFT, 256K colors

The Motorola Z3 Red features an ultra smooth slider that easily glides open with a subtle push to the elevated lens treatment. To take full advantage of the slider and make your life easier, you can do most anything in both the open and closed positions—no need to constantly ‘open’ the phone.

Network - GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900

Announced - 2006, 3Q

Weight - 115 g

Display Type - TFT, 256K colors

Display Size - 176 x 220 pixels, 30 x 37 mm

When the phone is slid out, nothing more is revealed, well, the keypad of course, but the back is empty and the only thing you notice is the great construction and mechanisms as it slides out perfectly and without any effort and slides back in with a confirming snap sound which deserves compliments for the nice elaboration. No creak sounds and noises were performed by the phone during the whole testing period. One strange thing, we consider to be a defect fault of our testing sample, was that the left direction of the four-way button gives out a creaky sound.

Once opened, the Motorola Z3 Red will delight you with the clean look and feel to its large, easy-to-use keypad.  Paying attention to even the tiniest of details, the Motorola Z3 Red slides open to reveal an abstract tattoo for an element of pleasant surprise.

The mobile phone is rapidly becoming the important device -- the one device that seems to have it all and becomes even more indispensable than it is now. Mobile phones have already started functioning as more than just communications devices. Mobiles serve as watches and alarm clocks. Even with the limited free games that come with basic phones, they are already good for "time-pass". They can also function as calculators.

Crossing foreign territory, the Motorola Z3 Red quad-band technology allows users to roam seamlessly across countries and continents.  With multiple messaging capabilities including MMS and IM, share a picture, file or expression with friends, family or loved ones***.  Keeping in touch has never been more fun!  And with flight-mode, you can now relax with your favorite tunes for hoursFeature Articles, making the Motorola Z3 Red your ideal travel companion. It is now available