Which phone would you buy Moto Z, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Galaxy S8+, Blackberry

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I need help deciding on what to buy, could you guys help me out

Of the choices below which would you buy and why?

Second one the recommendation. Although I would personally say Google Pixel is more future proof than S8. S8 already has been noted as lagging in areas throughout the interface.

Id suggest the Moto Z Play for a lot of the reasons, but Id also suggest the OnePlus 3t if youre simply looking at cost its probably the best value on the market. I have half a mind to get one myself honestly.

 Apple seems to genuinely care about and has been leading the pack with for years so it may be something to consider.

Moto Z although if you can wait a bit, go for the Z2 it also has two cameras like the G6. It has a shatterproof screen with deep blacks, and a headphone jack! You can also top up the battery life instantly with one of Motos battery pack Mods. If not, then get the Moto Z Play.

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In this case, I'd suggest samsung Galaxy S8+. it is the most unique one.

according to me you should prefer Samsung galaxy S8+ i have read the reviews....it stands up with the users expectations and perform well.

I would go for Samsung galaxy S8+.
Why? I love samsung. Reliable and I'm comfortable with its UI.
you can check more about its review at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWoGSoCtFMU

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