Apple Watch overpriced?

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Re: Apple Watch overpriced?
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$1,100 if you want the "black" colored model. That's enough to buy an Android-powered LG G Watch R ($300), an Nvidia Shield Tablet ($300), and then take a stack of 500 one dollar bills and light them on fire. Just to see them burn.

Oh. Did I mention there is a $10,000 model of the Apple Watch? It has 18-karat gold plating on it, which means that you could buy one of the already ridiculously overpriced non-Gold Apple Watches…and have enough money leftover to buy a half-pound gold brick. Have a nice day people.
I would buy it and wear it proudly. Do you know just how many people benefit when someone spends that kind on money? The economy as a whole is better for it. I say go ahead and get it for yourself if you can afford it. And enjoy it, it's your hard earned cash... ;D

Thinking about helping other people by spending a ton of money sounds kinda odd, for real. I wouldn't ever spend 1k bucks just to please other person's needs unless I was rich, that would be a whole different story, for sure.