How To Shorten URL Links Automatically In Android using Shortpaste

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There are times when you have to select the URL link/address and guess what, you are using either a mobile or a Tablet. Now when I am using either one of them it is a real pain in the back to copy it, well not all the times but still most of the times, and I can easily presume that if a certain thing happens to me, it so can be happening to anyone else. I can understand that we all had our moments, whenever we try to Select a URL and struggle to highlight the entire thing. Thanks to Stray Trap or just because of the link which is so long that most of the times it takes half of your screen to paste it, and if you use Standalone URL shorteners, you are sure to loose the efficiency of your work.

Good thing, we have developers at XDA taking care of many things for us, like finding a permanent and reliable solution for this long and huge URL problem. XDA Senior Member, Mohammad_Adib has developed an application called Shortpaste, as you might have guessed from the name of it, it allows you to shorten the URL link length to a small one, thus making it easier for you to copy and paste it. Once you Start the app, it will run in the Background, and it will paste any link you copy in Short form. The default URL Shortener set by Shortpaste is, however, you can change it to Furthermore, you can cut the http:// and set the custom username and API Key, and the best, if you want to visit any link you have shortened before, just go to the list of Archives and all will be there for you.  Shortpaste is compatible with all the device running Android 4.0 or above and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

How To Download And Install Shortpaste:

  • Open Play Store from Your device.
  • Search for Shortpaste.
  • Once the results are found, tap the first result.
  • Tap Install and let it download and install.
  • Once installed, Open the app.
  • Now Shortpaste will run in the Background, ready to shorten any URL you highlight.